Exclusive: Phil Anselmo Talks Vulgar Display Of Power Tour Life + ‘Mouth For War’ Remastered Music Video Premiere

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Our celebration of Vulgar Display Of Power continues with a brand new HD remastered music video and more exclusive interviews!

This past Tuesday we released a special remastered music video of Pantera’s “This Love” to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Vulgar Display Of Power. Since then, we’ve also had some big name musicians, like Arejay of Halestom and Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, share their thoughts on the band and what the song means to them.

We have a total of four exclusive videos, with “This Love” having been the first. Today, we are excited to share one of the most pulse-pounding, exhilarating cuts off Vulgar Display Of Power: “Mouth For War.”

As the album opener, “Mouth For War” comes flying out of the gates at listeners; the initial revving guitar rhythm and drumbeat provide a brief build up before the riff takes off, the band’s performance exuding a high-octane energy. That said, why don’t you experience that for yourself, and check out the remastered HD music video for “Mouth For War” below:

What a rush! That is how you start a record! For the almost four minutes that the song plays for, “Mouth For War” draws the listener into an exhilarating flow of battering instrumentation that is both heavy and catchy as hell.

The behind the scenes context to the song is also just as intriguing; but rather than we spill the beans on such cool details, why don’t we let Pantera’s very own Phil Anselmo tell you via an exclusive interview we conducted with the brilliant vocalist/lyricist.

Also below, Phil reflects on some tour memories and shares a wild story!

We’d like to thank Phil for his time once again! It’s always awesome to speak with a legend and hear them share fascinating details about their life. We hope you enjoyed the “Mouth For War” music video, along with the exclusive Phil interview videos and other content! Keep a look out for more to come over the next few days.


Words by: Michael Pementel

If you missed part 1 of our conversation with Phil, check that out here:

Exclusive: Phil Anselmo Reflects on 30 Years of Vulgar Display of Power + ‘This Love’ Remastered Music Video Premiere