Exclusive: Phil Anselmo Opens Up About Dime + Vinnie, + ‘Walk’ Remastered Music Video Premiere

MarkScottAustinTX, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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*Editor’s note: For our Vulgar Display Of Power celebration, there are actually a total of three HD remastered music video premieres, this being the third. Our apologies for any confusion!

Here we are friends, the big finale to our Vulgar Display Of Power anniversary celebration. Among the likes of Metallica’s Black Album, Slayer’s Reign In Hell, and more – Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power is one of the most brilliant records in heavy metal history.

Over the past week we’ve released HD remastered music videos of incredible songs off the album, such as “This Love” and “Mouth For War.” We’ve had special guest contributors – like Halestorm’s Arejay Hale and Stephen Carpenter from the Deftones – share their thoughts on Pantera’s legacy, as well as that of Phil Anselmo providing insight into each song.

For many of you Pantera-loving metalheads, you probably knew this was coming. So without further ado, let’s all head bang to the HD remastered music video of possibly the most iconic Pantera song among their collection: “Walk.”

It is fair to say that “Walk” is one of the biggest heavy metal songs ever; that opening riff is so undeniably catchy, immediately hooking the listener in and stirring a compulsive head banging flow. From the band’s instrumentation to Phil’s voice, the song exudes tremendous grit.

With the Vulgar Display Of Power anniversary just days away, of course we have the conclusion to our exclusive interview with Phil Anselmo. Phil shares an interesting detail about what “could have been” regarding this incredible Pantera cut. He also talks about the atmosphere surrounding the band’s shows back in 1992, as well as what Vinnie and Dimebag wanted for Pantera’s legacy.

We at The Pit would like to thank Phil Anselmo for all his time over this past week in not only answering all our questions, but also providing such unique insight into a record that’s so meaningful to so many people. Pantera have left a profound mark on our scene; they have forever changed the landscape of heavy metal.

We hope that you have enjoyed all the exclusive content here at The Pit. We are honored to be part of this incredible celebration. Cheers to the legacy of Pantera and to 30 years of Vulgar Display Of Power!


Words by: Michael Pementel