Disturbed’s Draiman Calls Daily Show Host ‘Hypocritical’ for Joe Rogan Comments

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah photo: Hayden Schiff (Wikimedia Commons) / David Draiman photo: Kevin D. Soney ( Wikimedia Commons) /Steven Crowder (Wikimedia Commons)
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David Draiman of Disturbed has been quite vocal lately, and not in terms of his killer bravado. Throwing his two cents into the fire that is the Joe Rogan/Neil Young/Spotify debacle, Draiman spoke up in defense of Spotify, applauding them for standing their ground against Young’s demands. While Draiman’s recent comments still somewhat pertain to Rogan, they are primarily directed at that of The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Some past episodes of Rogan’s podcast were recently removed from Spotify over Rogan’s use of racial slurs. Rogan has since made a public apology, but Noah is still pretty upset. As reported by Blabbermouth, Noah refers to some comments Rogan made on his show back in 2013 regarding a trip he made to see a “Planet Of The Apes” movie in a predominantly black neighborhood. Rogan said that walking into the theatre was like walking into “Planet Of The Apes.” In his apology, Rogan denied calling black people “apes” and insisted it “wasn’t a racist story, but it sounded terrible,” and that he was “just trying to be entertaining.”

On the February 7th episode of The Daily Show, Noah said, regarding Rogan’s apology:

“First of all, he said he would never say that black people are apes, but he said that. That’s literally what he said. It’s not just racist. That’s O.G. racism. That’s the original, old-school racism. That’s on the Mount Rushmore of racism. ‘Black people are apes’ is right next to burning crosses and every Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 1940s.”

Noah went on to say, “No, Joe, I think you were using racism to be entertaining.” He also says that, even if Rogan wasn’t trying to “offend” black people, “you knew that offending black people would get a laugh out of those white friends that you were with.”

Now in response to Noah, Draiman has shared a video of Noah’s Daily Show segment, including screenshots of some comments Noah made in the past. One of the comments involves a Jewish “joke,” saying, “Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my German car.”

In his tweets, Draiman says:

“You’re a hypocritical, self righteous, pathetic man @Trevornoah”

“The rules should be the same for everyone Be it @joerogan OR @Trevornoah”

“What I can’t stomach is holier than thou hypocrisy, claiming your shit doesn’t stink, but the other guy’s does. I don’t want either cancelled.”

“Make all the jokes you want, but when @Trevornoah thinks his rhetoric is fine, but @joerogan ‘s isn’t, or he doubts the sincerity of Joe’s apology when Trevor never even offered one, I have no problem calling him (Trevor) out for the self righteous hypocrite he is.”

When Noah’s comments resurfaced in 2015, the comedian jumped to defending himself and saying that such jokes did not represent him. Comedy Central, who hosts The Daily Show, also released a statement defending Noah.

The way Draiman views it – folks should be held accountable across the board. How we handle offensive comments and “jokes” is a greater discussion that needs to be had. There is no room for hate language, and if people mess up, it is good to own up and apologize. Draiman calls out Noah for not offering an apology, but also says he doesn’t want him or Joe Rogan to be cancelled.

What are your thoughts on the whole debacle? You can find those past comments made by Trevor Noah and David Draiman’s tweets below:


Words by: Michael Pementel