Dave Grohl And The Foo Fighters Go Full Death Metal In New Song

Dave Grohl
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Yeah, you read that title right – Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have gone death metal. With the upcoming release of the band’s film Studio 666, the Foo Fighters have released a lyric video for their new death metal song titled, “March of the Insane.”

The track displays a whole other side of Foo Fighters that you’ve never heard before. Thrashing guitars, banging drums, and Dave Grohl unleashing a plethora of death metal grows – it’s a surreal experience and an absolute rush.

The song makes for a wickedly awesome surprise, and frankly, we’d be very happy to hear if the band were to make a full on death metal record after hearing this. You can listen to “March of the Insane” below:

As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, Dave Grohl shared the following story details about Studio 666:

“The premise of the movie is that we move into this house, I have writer’s block, I’m totally uninspired, I can’t come up with anything. And I wind up finding this creepy basement. And I go into the basement, I find this tape by a band from 25 years ago that recorded there. And there’s this song that, if recorded and completed, the fucking demon in the house is unleashed, and then, whatever, all hell breaks loose.”

Regarding the film’s narrative, “March of the Insane” is a song created by the fictional death metal group “Dream Widow,” with the tape Grohl stumbles upon containing the band’s music. Let alone this being a fun twist for the film, we still can’t get over how absurdly brutal this cut sounds. Damn… it looks like the Foo Fighters should have been tagging along on that upcoming Cannibal Corpse tour!

The Foo Fighter’s horror-comedy Studio 666 will be released in theatres on February 25th. Last year, the band released their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight.


Words by: Michael Pementel