Daughter Of Korn Guitarist Posts Vlog Featuring Behind-The-Scenes Look At Band’s Touring

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Jennea Welch, daughter of Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, has shared a behind-the-scenes look of the recent Korn and System of a Down tour. Jennea has a YouTube channel where she speaks a lot about topics regarding mental health. She’s also has uploaded other videos featuring her  pets, as well as her and her dad doing ab workouts.

The Korn guitarist recently posted on his Instagram account a still from Jennea’s latest video, titled “GO ON TOUR WITH ME! Korn + system of a down tour vlog.”


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Jennea starts the video talking about her plans to travel to a show involving her dad’s band and System of a Down; the video then goes on to show Jennea chilling backstage, hanging out with her dad, doing her makeup, and then traveling alongside the band for the tour.

At one point, Brian says “It’s bring your daughter to work day.” The video is real wholesome as Jennea and her dad kick it and she gets to experience him rocking out on stage. Jennea’s footage also covers live performances by both Korn and System of a Down. It looks like she had an incredible time!

You can find the link for the full vlog below:

The vlog not only makes for a fun behind-the-scenes look at Korn on tour, but it is really intriguing to experience that look through the eyes of Jennea.

Jennea is Brian “Head” Welch’s second daughter, who he had with a woman named Rebekah. Welch kept in touch with Rebekah even after their divorce; sadly, she passed away in June of 2021. Jennea did make a video about her mom titled, “mom.”

You can find the link for that video, along with a video Jennea made about growing up with a famous parent, below.


Words by: Michael Pementel