Chris Barnes Doubles Down on Previous Comments- Really, Truly Hates Modern Death Metal

Chris Barnes
Original photo by Francisco Peres Gomez (via Wikipedia)
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While it’s still a bit unclear as to WHY former Cannibal Corpse-er Chris Barnes is so mad about the current state of the death metal genre, it’s extremely clear that he meant the original statement that caught the attention of the broader metal community a few weeks back:

As previously mentioned, it seems that this all started after a round-table discussion hosted by Knotfest and featuring Chase Mason of Arizona’s Gatecreeper, Trevor Strnad of Michigan’s The Black Dahlia Murder, Alex Jones of Rochester’s Undeath, and, heyo, Corpsegrinder. The video, which aired January 19th, saw the vocalists discussing the genre’s early years, what bands influenced them, and where they see it heading. It all seems pretty harmless:

Look- to each their own, and at the end of day- sure, musical taste is subjective. We get that. But, can we just take a minute to look at WHO Barnes seems to be mad about?

In the opinion of this ‘ol writer, the bands that are getting his ire are actually some of the best, most refreshing and exciting bands to hit heavy music in a while. And, for whatever it’s worth, the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats” seems to be quite appropriate here. It’s only a good thing for the old guard of artists when an exciting new guard rises up. New fans come in, get turned on to a new genre and then look backwards to understand the originators that have inspired their current heroes.

If you’re not familiar, take a few minutes to soak in the glorious nu-death below:

And then the scorcher that honestly really reignited the modern death revival as we know it. The one, the only:


Words by: The Pit staff