Brand Of Sacrifice Frontman Performs Epic Attack On Titan Cover

Attack On Titan
Kyle Anderson photo: @jordyclarkephoto / Attack On Titan image: anime licensed by Funimation (NA), Muse Communication (SEA), Plus Media Networks Asia (SEA).
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Brand of Sacrifice have become one of the biggest names in deathcore today. While the band’s music displays technical finesse and exudes exhilarating theatricality, another cool component to their material has been their lyrical subject matter. The band’s name – Brand of Sacrifice – is actually inspired by the famous manga/anime Berserk.

Berserk, created by Kentaro Miura, is a high-fantasy story brimming with epic battles, gruesome monsters, and Lovecraftian horrors. Brand of Sacrifice frontman Kyle Anderson is a huge anime fan and has used the band to pay tribute to Berserk. But Berserk is not the only anime he has brought into the metal world; earlier this month, Anderson took part in a collaboration to perform a cover of a super popular theme song from another anime.

Nik Nocturnal is a metal YouTuber and musician; his channel provides reviews, reaction videos, covers, and original metal music. Back on February 9th, Nik uploaded a collaboration involving him and Anderson covering the song “The Rumbling” by SiM. This is the main theme song to the Final Season of Attack On Titan – the worldwide anime phenomenon. It isn’t uncommon for metal songs to appear in anime, but SiM deliver quite the banger in “The Rumbling.” Since the song’s debut, its popularity has been soaring, with Crunchyroll reporting a couple weeks ago that it had topped the US Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart. Here’s the original song:

In the video, Nik takes on the role of guitarist, with Anderson providing his demonic sounding vocal talents to the cover. What ends up coming out of this collaboration is an extra spicy take on the thrilling metal cut; Anderson bringing an incredible level of vocal ferocity to the track (while also showing off his clean singing).

You can check out Anderson and Nik Nocturnal’s cover of “The Rumbling” below:

Honestly, we’d love to hear Anderson and Nik cover more anime theme songs if they are down for it! It’s awesome to see the world of anime crossover into the world of heavy music. What are your thoughts on the cover?

We actually spoke to Anderson last year and he shared with us the 10 most metal scenes in anime. We also had him on for an episode of Last Words. Anderson and Nik’s cover of “The Rumbling” is available to stream on numerous platforms.

Brand of Sacrifice released a new album last year titled Lifeblood.

The Final Season of Attack On Titan is still currently airing.

Sadly, Berserker creator Kentaro Miura passed away last year. He had been writing Berserker since 1988.


Words by: Michael Pementel