‘Black Metal Cats’ Account is The Perfect Storm Of Chaos And Cuteness

black metal cats
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While some may refer to dog as man’s best friend, some of us may call upon the cat – and in particular, those of Black Metal Cats! Many may not associate black metal and cats together; one is a relentless force of destruction, tearing down order through maddening energy, and the other is a musical genre in heavy metal. But when the two join forces in the form of memes, the end result is that of a hilariousness that champions the ominous vibes of black metal.

Black metal cats

If you somehow have been missing out on Black Metal Cats, allow me to open a door for you to a whole new world of entertainment.

Black metal cats

The site is devoted to the most sinister of feline memes; posting photos of cats offering grim expressions in atmospheric environments, each photo is provided a caption referencing lyrics from different black metal songs. You can find a plethora of diabolic fluffiness over on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Black metal cats

While the page’s official store website also provides a means for folks to purchase Black Metal Cats merch, you can submit photos of your own cat for consideration! I’ve been thinking about submitting something of my own cat, given that the face he makes when he meows really captures the animated thrill of Abbath screaming his lungs out.

Black metal cats

A site like Black Metal Cats not only makes for a great addition to metal’s array of funny memes, but it also displays the versatility that comes from metal-loving business owners. A lot of times in life, career and work experiences can come out of just doing something you like for the hell of it; the best work tends to be born out of  a passion.

So, while you’re inside braving winter and staying warm inside, or making your way to your next blackened show, honor the spirit of black metal with these kitties!

If you would like a photo of your cat to be considered among these dark ranks, the email for submissions is: blackmetalcats@gmail.com

Black metal cats

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Words by: Michael Pementel