25 Million People Watched this Video of Tool’s Danny Carey??

Selbymay, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s always a bit interesting to us when someone or some thing from our cherished world of aggressive music breaks on through to the mainstream. Sure, Tool is a very popular band. And drum god extraordinaire, Danny Carey, is a beloved musician. But, 20 million views of a live drumming play-through video of “Pneuma” from 2020 is still pretty damn impressive to us.

To contextualize that a bit more, that’s basically the equivalent viewership of if every single person living in the country of Romania watched this one video. And yes, it’s likely that some of those 20 million views aren’t unique (e.g. some viewers might have watched it more than once)… but still, you get the picture. Hell, Pantera’s official music video for This Love, an iconic song and video that’s been online for years has 28 million views.

And sure, we’d be remiss if we didn’t caveat that interest around the drum god did peak significantly on Google and YouTube in mid-December due to that pesky arrest, which likely did drive a big uptick in viewership here as shown below in this Google Trends snapshot of searches for Danny on YouTube over the past few months:

Anyways, if you somehow haven’t seen this incredible video, take a gander below. Tool fan or not, it’s easy to see after watching this why people put Danny Carey in the Mt. Rushmore of drummers, past or present. Dude is essentially the modern day version of John Bonham as far as we’re concerned.




Words by: The Pit Staff