10-Year-Old Kid Crushes It On Cover Of Pantera Song “Domination”

Photo credits: Llann Wé & Speedklown (Wikimedia Commons) & Admin (Wikimedia Commons)
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The anniversary of the iconic 1992 Pantera record Vulgar Display of Power is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate early (and give back to a good cause) than by checking out this cover of a Pantera classic involving a 10-year-old screaming with all his heart.

Posted on February 9th, The O’Keefe Music Foundation shared a video on their official YouTube channel of some kids going hard on a cover of Pantera’s “Domination” (off of the band’s 1990 album Cowboys from Hell). The O’Keefe Music Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) music organization that offers free music lessons, free music camps, free recording sessions and free music videos to young musicians from around the world.

The young band channels that good ole Pantera ferocity into their performance. The 10-year-old vocalist, Colt M. Shedden, is accompanied by lead guitarist Landon Siebens (15), drummer Nate Tharp (16), rhythm guitarist Alex Sutherland (18), and bassist Fritz Dannemiller (18). Per the video description, O’Keefe Music Foundation shares the backstory behind the performance:

“It ain’t easy being 10 years old. You gotta do homework. You gotta do chores. And if you’re part of OMF, you gotta absolutely DESTROY “Domination” by Pantera 💥 🔥🤘 Colt Shedden did just that and he was joined by 4 other destroyers from around the U.S. Landon Siebens on lead guitar, Nate Tharp on drums, Fritz Dannemiller on bass and Alex Sutherland on rhythm guitar. Due to limited funds and COVID precautions, OMF was unable to book a professional recording studio. So back to the garage we went! Can you record a bunch of kids playing “Domination” by Pantera full BLAST in a garage without a neighbor calling the police and then having to explain to the police that if we close the garage door it will be nearly a 100 degrees inside and there won’t be any airflow which wouldn’t be safe due to COVID? Well, as long as you have an army of amazing volunteers and some of the most talented young musicians in the country, it’s a piece of cake 🙂 ”

You can watch the full performance of these little dudes jammin’ out to “Domination” below:

We’ve covered other videos The O’Keefe Music Foundation have released in the past, and these kids kick butt! Awesome to see them all having fun and for metal to be used as part of a good cause.

Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power turns 30 as of February 25th. The record has been certified double platinum, and is critically considered one of the greatest metal records of all time.


Words by: Michael Pementel