Wow, Corey Taylor’s New Frankenstein Tattoo Is F****ing Rad

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If you’re a metalhead but not an old-school horror fan — and if you are, dude, get with the program — you know 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein as the movie from which White Zombie took the sample that open’s 1995’s Astro-Creep: 2000 (namely, “Perhaps you’d better start from the beginning.” *sinister chuckle*). But the film remains one of Hammer Studios’ most infamous, and features actor Christopher Lee playing a horrific version of the Monster that would make Karloff’s classic blockhead wince in disgust. Now, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has gotten an ultra-detailed tattoo of Lee in the role, and damn if we aren’t impressed.

The first thing we thought looking at Corey’s new tattoo is that we hope he tipped his artist like a motherfucker. The detail on this depiction of Lee as Frankenstein’s mistake is excellent, and the use of color is surprisingly great (this author can only speak for himself, but he finds brightly-colored tattoos to be overwhelming and poorly-hued a lot of the time). It’s also cool to see it surrounded by some of his other gnarly, faded ink, like the Slipknot ‘S’ and the tiger up his back. It’s certainly a departure from those tattoos’ styles, but hey, why not shake it up?

The Backpiece Continues!” wrote Taylor. “Mr. Lee by my great friend @shanemunce down at @pusssykattattooparlor puttin up with my ass for 14 years haha! If you want AMAZING wor k when you’re in Vegas, hit em up!”

Check out Corey’s new tattoo below:


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Damn, son. We hope Corey knows that Hammer Films will be restoring its classic horror flicks and making new ones, so he and Alicia can curl up and watch the Monster lurch around in lovingly-refined high def in the near future.


Words by Chris Krovatin