Video: Metal Drummer Plays Along to ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” and It Kicks His Ass

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The claim metal fans like to make when comparing their favorite genre to others is, These guys really know how to play their instruments. And that’s true — plenty of metal musicians are more technically adept than other players. But every so often, a metal dude tries to cover a pop or mainstream rock song, and learns that the musicianship behind it is way more hardcore than they expected. Such is the case with one metal drummer on YouTube, who decided to cover a track by Swedish pop sensations ABBA — and got his ass handed to him by it.

To be fair, as reported by Laughing Squid, multi-instrumentalist Seth Everman definitely adds his own level of torture to “Mamma Mia.” Did Seth really need to play that section in 7/18? Probably not, but it’s undeniable that it sounds better that way. Overall, it seems like Seth tried his damnedest to add metal drumming to the track that not only sounded heavy, but also added to the track. That said, he obviously didn’t know what he was in for, as he quickly goes from ready and able drummer to sweaty, exhausted heap of joints. It just goes to show that even if ABBA are music for people with white-fur boot trim, they’re also pretty serious when it comes to packing as much goddamn bubblegum into every inch of their music that they can.

“god i don’t think i’ve been sweating this much since like 2007,” says Seth in the caption of his YouTube viedeo. “hello guys in this video i play music for drum. abba mamma mia (swedish by the way so it is automatically very good) plus metal drums. love you.”

Watch Seth take that deep Swedish beating with his cover of “Mamma Mia” below:

Cool, right? Now, do what we know you’re going to do. Go listen to some ABBA. It’s okay, no judgment here. We’re doing it to. The winner taaakes it aaaall…


Words by Chris Krovatin