Video: Gordon Ramsay Freakouts Set to Metal

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The more you think about it, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay would’ve made an excellent metal vocalist. The British chef obviously has some deep-seated anger issues that result in him losing his mind at contestants on his show and smashing their food to mush, and those might have been as well-exorcised by screaming at audiences of moshing fans as they would have by shouting “DONKEY” at competing chefs. Now, one YouTuber has decided to prove the point by performing a metal guitar accompaniment to some of Gordon’s most insane freakouts, and boy do we enjoy it.

The video comes from YouTuber Andre Antunes, who some might remember as the guy who did a metal version of Trump’s ‘faith adviser’ Paula White’s re-election rant and a metal remix of a hog-calling competition. Here, he gives the most terrifying British TV chef in history his due, matching wonky, prog-leaning metal riffs with his screams of, “IT’S RAAAW!” and “WHERE’S YOUR FIGHT, MAN?!” It definitely highlights how totally unhinged Ramsay sounds on his show, though it makes us kind of wish he had a bit more of a Nathan Explosion scowl. If we didn’t know any better, it doesn’t look like Gordon’s enjoying himself — and having a good time screaming is what metal’s all about!

Check out the Gordon Ramsay metal freakout below, and keep up the great work, Andre. Horns to you, sir.


Words by Chris Krovatin