Video: Anthrax’s Scott Ian and His 10-Year-Old Son Jam on Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots”

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There is nothing more wonderful than watching your child find joy in the things that you yourself love. Whether it’s something as simple as a book that inspired you or something as big as joining the family business, seeing your kid’s face light up over what makes you happy to be alive is just awesome. So it’s pretty heartwarming, not to mention super badass, to watch this video of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian jam with his son on a cover of Sepultura‘s “Roots Bloody Roots.”

As you can see in the footage below, Scott and his son Revel Young Ian take a stab at Sepultura’s most famous track, with Scott on guitar and Revel on drums. While Scott’s definitely playing on the softer side — hey, it’s his son, they’re in the garage, hearing loss is a real problem — he’s obviously getting a kick out of joining his brood in honoring Brazil’s heaviest export. As for Revel, the kid’s a natural; though his face is all knitted in concentration, you can tell he’s having a blast, and doing a damn good job at it, too. It’s obvious this kid has metal stardom in his future — at least until he hits 16 and is like, Nah, that’s just some shit I did with my dad. 

As Blabbermouth reports, it’s not as though Ian forced metal on the boy, but he’s a quick learner. “He knows a lot of the stuff that he hears or sees in the house,” said Scott in 2014 about the then-3-year-old Revel. “But what’s really cool is that he actually recognizes and knows the difference between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, which is pretty cool, I think, for an almost three-year-old. Anytime AC/DC is on, he’ll go, ‘That’s Bon singing.’ And then when it’s not Bon, he’ll say, ‘That’s not Bon singing.’ He knows. That’s pretty cool, I think.”

Check out the jam sesh below:


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The kids, it seems, are all right.


Words by Chris Krovatin