Announce New Album for March, Release First Single via Terrifying Music Video

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In the short time they’ve been around, Boston metal act (formerly just Vein) have made a lasting impact on the scene. 2018’s Errorzone was a jarring reinterpretation of the nu-metal and metalcore that quickly became one of the last decade’s most timeless metal records. Now, the band have announced their follow-up to that album, and have dropped their first single via an incredible new music video.’s new album will be called This World Will Ruin You, and will drop March 4th via Closed Casket Activities. Describing the record, the band explains, “Every release is like its own universe. On Errorzone, we made a departure into another universe, sonically and visually. It was very futuristic and high-energy, and there were lots of elements we tapped into in order to fulfill our vision of that universe.”

“But [this album is] not a contrived nostalgia trip,” elaborates vocalist Anthony DiDio. “We’re just naturally taking that part of the band to a fuller potential. Errorzone was entering another world, while this record is coming home…I was coming from a very anti-social mentality. I want people to completely disconnect and have their own personal journey through this album.”

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The band’s first single from the record, “The Killing Womb,” comes via a deeply frightening new music video directed by Max Moore. Musically, the song is perhaps a more streamlined version of’s bouncing, disharmonious sound, though it never feels toned down or lackluster. The video, meanwhile, is a psychological nightmare of eyeballs, giant scissors, and gallons upon gallons of blood, that’ll have horror fans foaming at the mouth in glee.

Check out “The Killing Womb” below:

This World Will Ruin You drops March 4th on Closed Casket Activities, and is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting below:

  1. Welcome Home
  2. The Killing Womb
  3. Versus Wyoming
  4. Fear in Non Fiction
  5. Lights Out
  6. Wherever You Are
  7. Magazine Beach
  8. Inside Design
  9. Hellnight
  10. Orgy in The Morgue
  11. Wavery
  12. Funeral Sound


Words by Chris Krovatin