Testament Part Ways with Drummer Gene Hoglan

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One of metal’s most central philosophical tenets is that Gene Hoglan slaps ass for days. One only has to look at the dude’s pedigree — Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Dethklok, and Testament — to  know he has an unmatched level of precision and skill. But apparently, the last of those bands now has some big shoes to fill, as Testament have formally parted ways with Hoglan, who has played with them since 2011.

“First off, we are beyond grateful to have had Gene Hoglan behind our drum throne for ten years, several albums and countless tour dates,” say Testament in a statement. “Unfortunately, our brother Gene’s additional tours and solo endeavors in 2022 conflict insurmountably with Testament’s rescheduled dates after two years of lost time due to the pandemic. Rather than Testament having to reschedule upcoming dates (yet again) or Gene having to cancel his own plans, we have decided to amicably part ways.

“We understand that this announcement will cause some disappointment but rest assured: There is no drama, only the best of vibes between us. As Gene embarks upon a new chapter, we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for bringing the most powerful drum beats to Testament and heavy metal. We have no doubt he will continue to bring it as only he can. Gene Hoglan will always be family and we ask all of you to join us in wishing him only the best of luck going forward! Also rest assured that we will continue to deliver yet another top notch addition to Testament and will reveal soon!

“We will see you all on tour very soon!”

While this is a bummer for Testament fans — Hoglan is in a class of maybe four or five other people — it’s really awesome to see a farewell with so much good humor behind it. There’s no double talk here, no oddly-positioned turns of phrase, Testament is just saying, Didn’t work out, but we love you, Gene.

More on where Gene Hoglan lands and who Testament pick as we know about it, but for now, good luck, Gene!


Words by Chris Krovatin