Shinedown Tease New Album With Secret Code on Instagram

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At this point in their career, Shinedown is the kind of band that can do whatever it wants. Hell, when your lead singer can donate $10,000 to a burgeoning young metal band who had to cancel a lucrative tour, you know you’re in a good place. Now, the band have revealed a new secret alphabet, seemingly to tease their upcoming new album.

As reported by Loudwire, back in August, frontman Brent Smith said that the band would be releasing the first single from their seventh album some time this month. Then in November, he publicly stated that the record was complete, telling an interviewer, “I can tell everybody right now, ’cause people have been asking about it. So Shinedown 7 is completed. We’re finishing up a couple of things as far as the mastering is concerned with our boy Ted Jensen, who’s a mastering engineer in Nashville…So we’ve got a couple of tweaks here and there, but you’re gonna get a new Shinedown record [in] early 2022.”

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Now, the band have revealed a video on Instagram which breaks down an alphabet key over a purple background. The video is backed by appropriately spacey synth music, which sounds like it’s constantly being toggled into fast forward. The letters all look like alien glyphs, but are eventually outlined as a complete alphabet. The post comes with the cryptic caption, “So it begins… 😈 #nowiknowmyabcs… Do you? #SD7”

What the secret code be used for hasn’t been made clear, but it’s worth noting that other than these videos, the band’s Instagram account has been totally cleared of content, so one assumes they’re going to post some secret messages soon. Let’s hope they don’t translate into ‘ALWAYS DRINK YOUR OVALTINE.’

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Words by Chris Krovatin