Rob Zombie Blasts “Critics” Who Underestimated Him, Shares Early Bad Review as Example for Young Bands

Photos via Rob Zombie's Instagram.

At this point in his career, Rob Zombie doesn’t really need to care about things like reviews or bad press. Fans know he’ll provide all the high-octane arena metal and swingin’ monster boobs that they want, and if some publication doesn’t like that, well, fuck ’em! But Zombie was once like any young musician, working his ass off in the hopes of being a rock star, and like any young musician he too got his share of bad reviews.

Now, Rob has shared an early bad review as part of an Instagram post offering advice to young bands who are worried about bad press from critics.

“Here’s a little perspective for anyone starting out and taking shit from ‘critics’ which these days seems to be just about everyone and their grandmother,” said Rob, in a post featuring two photos of him — the first an early, ragtag shot of White Zombie performing, the second of him in the recent past with a big smile on his face.

“Picture #1 is from around 1992 early on during the La Sexorcisto tour. At the time we got our first major press review of our major label debut La Sexorcisto it was from @altpress . It literally said ‘this is the worst band ever. Ignore this band.’ Picture # 2 is 23 years and 15 million records later accepting my Vanguard Award in 2015 from @altpress . So I think you get my point. Life is funny.”

Say what you want about Rob’s music — the dude certainly hasn’t been ignored, despite AP Magazine‘s warnings to fans. When NBC had you making a big-budget reboot of The Munsters and you’re partying with Snoop Dogg in your spare time, it stands to reason that maybe you weren’t the “worst band ever” after all.

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Words by Chris Krovatin

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