Kid Rock Releases Three New Songs, Says He Might Quit Touring: “At 51 Years Old It’s Not Getting Any Easier”

Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Last we heard from rap-rock MAGA-man Kid Rock was when he posted a pouty, sulky response to critics several months after the release of his musical Facebook-dad rant “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.” Now, the salty Michiganite has dropped three new songs, and has gone on to suggest that he’s considering taking a break from touring after his recently-announced trek with Foreigner.

Kid Rock’s three new tracks are called “Rockin’,” “The Last Dance,” and “We, the People” respectively. The first is a softball country ballad with Kid Rock doing a wisened old-timer voice; the second is another country rock song with a bit more a beat to it; and the third is basically “Don’t Tell Me How to Live pt. II,” with Kid Rock ranting about masks and Biden like a bald-eagle meme with terrible font sizing. Like, he literally goes, “Maaan, fuck Fauci!” at one point. He’s just straight-up grinding dollars out of conservative listeners.

Here are the songs:

On a more positive note, the rapper said that he might quit touring. A lengthy video segment posted to Kid Rock’s social media accounts to introduce the songs also mentioned that the singer’s upcoming tour with Foreigner might be his last.

“It very well could be [the last tour] for the unforeseen future,” says Kid Rock, as transcribed by Loudwire. “At 51 years old it’s not getting any easier doing jumps and carrying on onstage. But I’m really keeping myself together and preparing mentally, physically, working out everyday, trying to eat healthy, all that bullshit, cause I just wanna be top notch, my peak for this tour.

“I really don’t know for the unforeseen future if I’ll do a big tour again,” he continues. “Will we play some select shows in the future again? Possibly. Maybe bring back the cruise and just do a few key things, but being in tip-top shape at what I’m calling the tail end of my prime, I wanna make this one big and if it is the last one, I wanna do it right, so this is a very special tour for me.”

Here’s hoping.


Words by Chris Krovatin