Jason Newsted is still rich from Metallica because he’s “really frugal”

jason newsted
Photo of Jason by Achim Raschka, via Wikipedia 
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In a fascinating new interview, ex-Metallica bassist and all around level-headed dude, Jason Newsted, told some tantalizing stories about what it was like to get super duper rich overnight from The Black Album.

Yes Metallica is obviously still one of the biggest bands in the world. But, it still blows this old mind to see that this album STILL charts, some 30 years after its initial release. As of a few years ago, it was still miraculously selling a few thousand copies a week, which is very likely still the case.

Anyways, Newsted did an hour-long interview with the Metallica fan club magazine So What! recently, and the good folks at Blabbermouth transcribed a portion of it.

At first he admits (who can blame him) that he certainly indulged in his new-found riches as The Black Album blew up:

“All of us experienced some kind of swelly head at different levels for different amounts of time through this three-year span. It was inevitable and impossible for it not to happen…

I remember me personally, when I went shopping with Kirk in Paris, and he took to me a couple of nice, nice stores, and I threw down a lot of money for some nice clothes and shoes and stuff. I’d never done that before.

And I thought I was the shit… So I did get caught in the moment. ”

But, perhaps the most interesting part of it all is this here quote:

“I think that I’ve been really, really frugal with my earnings, and so that’s why I still have them.”

Let’s unpack that for you real quick- basically what the man is saying here is that if you DO happen to become super duper rich, the secret to financial longevity is to be – gasp – responsible? Don’t squander that shit and you can play the long game like Scrooge McDuck. Fair play.

Dear Jason Newsted: will you be our financial advisor? We could use some help.

If you’re so inclined, you can watch all of the interview in parts below.


Words by: The Pit Staff.