He Is Legend Drop Off Shiprocked Cruise, Frontman Details Year-Long Illness – “I’m Throwing Up 20 Times a Day…”

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One of 2019’s best albums was He Is Legend‘s massive White Bat, which saw the band trading some of their classic metalcore chops for some filthy Rob Zombie-esque highway metal; the album easily made it onto our list of 20 albums without a bad song on them. But now, the band have been forced to cancel a number of shows, including their upcoming performance on the Shiprocked 2022 cruise, due to a serious illness plaguing frontman Schuyler Croom.

This weekend, He Is Legend posted a statement to their Instagram, reading, “Extremely sad to announce that we are unable to perform on this year’s Shiprocked cruise, along with the surrounding dates. We are/have been dealing with a serious non-covid-related health issue in the band, and we have no option but to cancel. We cannot thank the team at Shiprocked enough for their years of support, and their understanding in this time. Also to the amazing fans in Atlanta/Texas, we love you like no other and will be returning in 2022.”


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Now, in a new video on his Instagram, Schuyler reveals that his ongoing health issues have caused the band’s recent cancellations, saying, “So, I wanted to make a video letting you know what’s been going on for the last year. I have an illness. We’re not sure what it is. I get sick, usually in the mornings. I’ll throw up. And then I will be ill for sometimes…two weeks. Those are the gory details. I’m not talking I throw up and go to bed, I feel gross — I’m throwing up 20 times a day. I’m living in the bathroom.

“So all year, we’ve been going in and out, trying to figure this out,” he continues. “We thought that gallbladder removal was the answer. It wasn’t. I got sick again, this time very close to my recording sessions for the new He Is Legend record…we had to push recording — for me, the album is finished other than vocals — and so that’s why I wanted to make this video…”

“I’m grateful…this has been a year of love, and I’ve grown so much,” concludes Croom. “And the one thing that I’ve learned is that when I’m unwell, this person who I am, right now — because I’m walking around not sick — I’m the best me, I’ve ever been.”


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Everyone at The Pit wishes Schuyler all the best and hopes he recovers as quickly as he can. We’re rooting for you, dude.


Words by Chris Krovatin