Disturbed’s David Draiman: “Anyone That Tells You ‘Rock Is Dead’ Clearly Isn’t Paying Attention”

James Thompson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Every couple of years, people begin to worry that rock is dead. This usually comes about when other or genres become more popular than guitar-based rock, and fans wonder aloud if maybe their way of life is in jeopardy; every so often, some dumbass celebrity chooses to make it a public statement, only to later look like a poop chute when it’s declared that rock is back. Now, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has come out rolling his eyes at those who try to write rock’s obituary, and has named some bands who he feels prove that the genre is very much alive.

“Anyone that tells you ‘rock is dead’ clearly isn’t paying attention,” tweeted Draiman on his newly-reactivated Twitter account. “Look at what [Motionless In White], [Bring Me The Horizon], [Nothing More], and many others have done over the last few years. Young rock bands are thriving. Who’s next?”

Draiman also listed Bad Wolves as a band he finds promising, tweeting, “Breakthrough band of the last 5 years. Been crazy to watch.” He also sent out a hail to Plush and The Warning, writing, [They] give me hope. Young powerful women playing real instruments and writing and playing songs the entire rock genre can be proud of.”



Overall, though, more than anything, Draiman makes it clear that it’s his belief that all music is important so long as it connects people by allowing them to look into each other’s hearts. “…I believe, with all my heart, in the healing, redeeming, and therapeutic power of music, and the connection it creates between ALL people,” wrote Draiman in closing a thread about his belief in humanism. “So let it be written…so let it be done.”


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Words by Chris Krovatin