Daughter of Founding Coal Chamber Bassist Rayna Foss Says She’s Not Missing: “We Have Never Lost Contact”

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Yesterday, news circulated that Rayna Foss, founding bassist of nu-metal act Coal Chamber, had been missing since September. Now her 22-year-old daughter Kayla Rose has released a statement saying that she knows exactly where her mother is, and she’s never been missing.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the New Orleans Police Department had put up a Facebook post on September 13th, 2020, claiming Foss was missing. Take a look:

But in a post on her Instagram, Kayla, who is the daughter of Foss and Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, wrote, “To everyone that has reached out in some way and to the media that has been reporting on this: Let me set the record straight. I’ve seen all of the posts regarding that my mother Rayna has been missing since September. I have no idea where these stories are coming from. I spoke to my mother as recently as yesterday, and we have never lost contact. My grandparents have also been in contact with my mother, and we all know exactly where she is. I have a message in to the New Orleans Police Department advising them of this and am waiting for them to respond.

“I’ve also seen other stories about Dez [Fafara, Coal Chamber frontman] — my mother’s old singer — and a feud with my father Morgan. These are also false. My dad and Dez are friends and have been for a long time.

“I’m confused where all of this started from, but it can stop now.

“Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but maybe someone can check before running these stories that end up disrupting my entire family in the future.”


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Well, there you have it: thank fuck she’s okay. Kayla, sorry to have caused you any headache, and we’re glad your mom is safe and sound.


Words by Chris Krovatin