Atreyu Frontman Brandon Saller Posts Brutal Injury Story: “It All But Took Off My Left Hand”

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In the age of the Internet and social media, we often think that if it wasn’t posted online, it didn’t happen. These days, when we discover that someone’s life underwent a drastic change and they didn’t write or tweet about it, we’re amazed that they somehow kept it to themselves all this time. But some examples of that are more egregious than others — for example, the pictures that Atreyu frontman Brandon Saller just posted to Instagram, in which he explains that

On his Instagram, Brandon posed a series of photos of him and his family smeared with blood at a hospital. He goes on to explain that one year ago, him and his family suffered significant injuries due to a broken glass.

“A year ago today, right about now i was in an operating room being pieced back together,” explains Saller in the caption. “The most random every day fall turned into one of the scariest moments of my,my wife , my mother and my kids lives.

“Baby gates man. Dont step over em. I tripped and fell on a glass. It all but took off my left hand(last photo. Brace yourself. Its fucked. If you are sensitive to blood, just keep scrolling)

“In the midst, my sweet piper walked in to check on the commotion and cut her foot open on the broken glass. My wife was a super hero. My mom the same.

“I hadnt really posted much to document this. 1- its brutal and 2- i just think I tucked the actual event in the back of my mind so to not have to think of the gravity of the situation.

“Here we are a year later. My hand still isnt the same. I cant play guitar. Drums hurt. The trama remains heavily for my mom and wife more so than me…but im here. Thats whats important. Lifes crazy. Be careful kids. And enjoy what you have when you have it.”


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Everyone at The Pit wishes Brandon and his family a full recovery in the new year.


Words by Chris Krovatin