Are Slipknot’s Sid Wilson and Kelly Osbourne a Couple?

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Given his public persona, the tenor of the music he makes, and the way his new mask looks, one might assume that Slipknot DJ Sid “0” Wilson lives in some sort of sewer fortress surrounded by a mountainous tower of DJ equipment and monitors playing oral surgery videos on repeat.

But Sid’s a dude, and like most people just wants the life we all dream of — hot meals, no parking tickets, and of course, love. Now, it looks like Sid might have found that love with another member of heavy metal royalty — Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rock’s prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne.

Yesterday the British tabloids picked up on Kelly’s IG photos featuring her and Wilson cozying up together. Apparently, Kelly only recently broke up with cinematographer Erik Bragg, but has posted several photos of her and Wilson canoodling and playing with their dog.

And according to her most recent post, Kelly and Sid decided to go the distance and finally make the ultimate commitment as a couple: they got pillows made of each other’s faces. Check it out:


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No stranger to publicity, Kelly has enjoyed taking the piss out of some press syndicates who a) don’t know Wilson outside of his masked face (or maybe even at all), and b) didn’t think to proofread their headlines before posting them:

Via Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram stories

The real digging into this was done by Slipknot’s Redditors, who have been doing the due diligence of superfans for some time by identifying Sid by his hair, tattoos, etc — traits that most fans, who know him only by his gasmask, might not have looked for:

All of which is to say: congrats, you crazy kids! Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes with dog ownership, and we hope that yours is a brilliant and beautiful one. Cheers to Sid Wilson and Kelly Osbourne.

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Words by Chris Krovatin