Abbath Announces New Album for March, Drops Icy First Single “Dream Cull”

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We haven’t heard anything from former Immortal frontman and badger-faced frost wrestler Abbath for a cold second, but it was only a matter of time before the black’n’roll hitmaker reared his head once more. Now, Abbath has revealed details for his new record, and has dropped the first single to boot.

Abbath’s third studio album will be called Dread Reaver, and will drop March 25th from Season of Mist. The cover suggests that Abbath is perhaps feeling a little jaunty — color isn’t something we see from the dude that much, even if it’s just devil-red:

Along with the album announcement comes the first single from the record, “Dream Cull.” The song is everything we’ve come to expect and love from Abbath, namely grinding blackened thrash with an icy, melancholic edge which makes it feel darker and creepier than your average metal tune. There’s still that love of wailing glam-era guitar hilarity, though, which has always been an enjoyable staple of Abbath’s music (definitely check out the record Between Two Worlds by his side project I).

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The video, meanwhile, is about the same thing every Abbath video is about: this dude walking around inside of his own mind. Like the others, there are caverns, there’s Scandinavian nature, there’s even a torch or two. But what matters is that Abbath lives in a world all his own, and we’re lucky to get a view into it to the tune of such a killer song.

Check out “Dream Cull” below:

Here’s the full tracklist for Abbath’s Dread Reaver, which is now available for preorder. And to read more about black metal, Abbath, and other loud-ass music, make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

  1. Acid Haze
  2. Scarred Core
  3. Dream Cull
  4. Myrmidon
  5. The Deep Unbound
  6. Septentrion
  7. Trapped Under Ice
  8. The Book Of Breath
  9. Dread Reaver
  10. Make My Day


Words by Chris Krovatin