Wolves In The Throne Room Cancel North American Tour “Due to Personal Reasons”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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We were stoked to learn that Cascadian black metal act Wolves In The Throne Room were heading out on a North American tour with Full of Hell and Uada coming with them. Unfortunately, the band have now canceled the tour outright due to “personal reasons.”

“To our beloved fans,” wrote Wolves In The Throne Room on their Facebook. “The upcoming North American tour will be canceled due to personal reasons. We know that our most dedicated fans already have tickets, so we encourage you to get your refund now and have a bit more cash for the Yuletide season. This is a enormous disappointment for us all…but we promise that we have other plans for live Rituals in the works and we will see you in the New Year.”

This is obviously a bummer, more than anything because of the vagueness of the news. One has to wonder what sort of “personal reasons” would inspire a band with a new album out to cancel a full North American tour. Whatever the case, we hope the WITTR dudes are well, and that we’ll see them live in the near future.

Wolves In The Throne Room’s 2021 album Primordial Arcana has made it way onto almost every relevant metal best-of list this year, including our own, where it came in at #12 of our Top 30 Albums of 2021.

“On 2017’s Thrice WovenWolves In The Throne Room reclaimed their Cascadian black metal pedestal; with Primordial Arcana, they set it on fire and dance around it,” wrote The Pit’s Chris Krovatin. “The album is steeped in elemental darkness and playful witchcraft, enjoying its crushing side even as it nestles into a bed of grass and fallen leaves. So much of that are Nathan Weaver and Kody Keyworth’s guitars, which take an especially wily turn at some point during every song. Lovely, dark, and deep.”