Video: Stage-Diver Breaks Pipe at Hardcore Show, Douses Crowd In Water

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Part of what makes metal and hardcore shows exciting is that anything can happen at them. Sure, tragic events of the past have upped security requirements and fan standards in recent years — if Deicide filled mannequins with butcher shop scraps and tossed them in the crowd today (yup, that used to happen), they’d get shut down and publicly decried —  but there’s still a sense that if you put a bunch of sweaty, moshing people in a small room together, they might cause utter chaos. Case in point, video was recently captured of a hardcore show where a front-flipping stage-diver busted a water pipe, and the audience got a shower because of it.

As you’ll see in the footage below, the pipe bust took place at a show by hardcore upstarts Candy, where a dude doing a front-flip off of the stage broke a pipe and doused the audience in water. Of course, at a small, sweaty hardcore show, a blast of water might be a refreshing way to cool off (thank Christ it wasn’t a steam pipe), but it still causes a level of insanity that wouldn’t otherwise have existed at the show. As far as we know, no one got electrocuted, so at least fans and performers were lucky. But still, absolutely nuts.

Check out video of the incident below:

So there you have it: metal and hardcore fans, please try to judge plumbing clearance before you go spinning off the stage.

Meanwhile, Candy will be playing the following dates, so hopefully stay dry while catching them at one of the shows listed below:

12/9 – Black Cat – Washington DC
12/13 – New Brookland Tavern – West Columbia, SC
12/14 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL
12/15 – CROWBAR FYF – Tampa, FL
12/17 – Gramps – Miami, FL
12/18 – Archetype – Jacksonville, FL
1/15 – Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
1/16 – House of Blues San Diego – San Diego, CA


Words by Chris Krovatin