Screw the Yule Log, Here’s an Hour-Long Dumpster Fire Video to Honor 2021

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If 2020 was a comet hitting the earth and killing everything on the planet except cockroaches and eyeless rodents, then 2021 was the nuclear winter and ice age that followed. Though this year has not been the alarmist shitshow that the last one was by a longshot, it was still a total mess that left most of us wondering what the fuck kind of world we live in. So as an alternative to the traditional Yule Log broadcast, one YouTuber has made a video more appropriate for 2021: an hour-long dumpster fire.

In case you’re not up on your weird artifacts of the 1960s, the Yule Log is a TV broadcast of a big, hearty log roasting in a Christmas-decorated fireplace with classic Christmas music playing in the background. The idea is that for those households that don’t have a hearth or chimney, the two-hour show provides the coziness and atmosphere of old-school Christmas. Is it kind of weird to cozy up to your radioactive-ass TV as though it were a roaring hearth? Sure, but hey, it was the ’60s, TV was weird then.

As you can see, YouTuber Real Life Ambience has really taken very little time to give us this new holiday classic. The woman with her cup of cocoa is obviously a stock photo, the burning dumpster isn’t really burning — the whole thing is a thrown-together hackjob, just like your life in 2021. In that respect, it’s a perfect cap for this year, showing the world that it doesn’t matter what sort of life you lead or year you’ve had, because it’s probably been pretty crappy overall (unless you’re some dickhead supervillain like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk).

Watch a dumpster burn, and poorly at that, below:

From all of us at The Pit, from the bottom of our hearts: maybe next year will be better. Probably not, though.


Words by Chris Krovatin