Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Posts Touching 30th Anniversary Tribute to His Wife Genevra

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We like to think of metal musicians as tough, surly character, but most of them are total muffins on the inside. So often, that comes out when they talk about their partners and families, instantly transforming them from a tattooed world-ender to a twinkly-eyed kid who’s just happy that someone deigned to love them. Case in point, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has just posted a really sweet 30th anniversary tribute to his wife Genevra, and it’s hitting us right in the feels.

Robb posted a gallery of him and Genevra on his Instagram with the following caption: “XXX… 30 Years… From the moment I saw you at The Forum bar in El Cerrito… laid your incredible eyes on me… flashed the brightest smile I’d ever seen… I was yours.

“Genevra… what a name.

“Fast forward to Paradigm Studios in East Oakland… white leather jacket, ripped up blue jeans tucked into square-toe motorcycle boots, a shock of red hair with blonde streak… you left me breathless.

“I was so embarrassed when you noticed me singing Soundgarden’s – “Holy Water” under my breath, but then you joined in… who is this person?

“11 dudes trying to pick up you, and somehow you decided to hangout with the one guy who wasn’t trying to pick up on you. I made you laugh.

“Kissing your neck under the black light in the hip hop room upstairs at the Floppy House… a memory burned into this brain forever. Eternal. One of the greatest memories of my life. When I die it will be one of the last/best thoughts going through my mind.

“Riding on your motorcycle back to your apartment, grabbing 40 ounces of Mickey’s beer, talking til 9 AM, watching the sun come up through your window overlooking the Bay.

“You were/are so amazing to talk to. Who is this person?

“We’ve lived ten lifetimes since then.

“30 years later, yours is still the brightest smile my eyes have ever seen, still lights up the sky… my world.

“30 years later, you still leave me breathless.

“To 30 years more my Sugar Pie



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Congrats to Robb and Genevra for making it through three decades together! Robb, screw you for making us get all choked up. Again.


Words by Chris Krovatin