Here’s Your First Look at Leatherface from the Upcoming ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Sequel

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Back in October of 2020, it was revealed that a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel was officially in the works. Then in April, it was announced that the film would get a hard R rating for “strong bloody horror violence and gore, and language” (we’re glad we were warned about the bad language — it would’ve killed us to hear the word ‘Fuck’ while someone got their ribcage ripped out). Now, your first look at the new film’s villain — and his victims — have been revealed.

As posted by Bloody Disgusting, an exclusive from Entertainment Weekly has shown off the first shots from the upcoming sequel. The first of the two photos features a gang of teenagers who look skeptical and nosy enough to get turned into cold cuts without fail. The second, meanwhile, features Leatherface in silhouette. What’s especially cool about the latter of the two shots is that Leatherface isn’t made out to be some hulking giant who can crush a human head in his hand — this is a person, a human being, who just happens to be someone who’s good with a chainsaw.

According to producer Fede Alvarez, this film’s Leatherface is “basically the same character, who is still alive. Our take on it was this guy probably disappeared after everything he’s done. You know, how do you catch a guy who has a mask? Once he removes the mask and runs away, it’s very easy for him to hide somewhere. This story will pick it up many, many years after the original story. He’s been in hiding for a long, long time, trying to be a good person. These people arriving in this town are going to awaken the giant.”

Check out the photos below:

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix

Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to Netflix on February 18th, 2022.


Words by Chris Krovatin