Hell Yeah: Fuming Mouth Frontman’s Cancer GoFundMe Crushes $50K Goal In 24 Hours

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Sometimes, it feels like metalheads don’t care about their own, and the entire scene all a lot of infighting and whining. But every so often, when it really matters, the metal community comes together to do the right thing and help someone who deserves it. Such is the case with Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whalen’s cancer treatment GoFundMe, which has crushed its lofty goal of $50,000…in just two days.

If you remember, it was only earlier today that we reported on Mark’s diagnosis and the crowdfunding campaign started to help him. But $50,000 is one hell of a goal, and we expected it might take some time for Mark to reach it, if he reached it at all. And yet as of writing this, the campaign has raised $51,074.

We just wanted to take a moment to say to the metal underground: thank you for being amazing. Mark is a great guy, Fuming Mouth’s music rules, and seeing how quickly everyone came out to support and help him in his time of need is just fucking awesome. This is a shining example that when we want to, we as fans of this music can band together and support each other when it’s needed.

That said, Mark needs all the help you’re willing to give, so if you haven’t already, please keep donating funds to his cause.


Words by Chris Krovatin