Every Time I Die Cancel Remaining Tour Dates, Singer Keith Buckley Says He “Did Not Have a Relapse, Didn’t Have a Breakdown”

Henry Laurisch, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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On Friday, we reported that Every Time I Die released a statement saying that singer Keith Buckley was taking a hiatus from the band and missing the final three shows of their current tour to focus on his mental health. Shortly thereafter, Keith released his own statement claiming that he felt ostracized and betrayed by the band. Now, both parties have released new statements clarifying their own stances on the drama.

Every Time I Die have since deleted their initial statement, and have posted the following:“We apologize to the fans this weekend for the cancelation of the remaining 3 shows of the Radical tour.

“Keith Buckley is a crucial member of Every Time I Die and we apologize if our previous statement made it seem as if he was in recovery or came off as insensitive to the issues at hand. We are working on things privately now.

“Please give us a moment.

“And we will all see you at Tid The Season.”

Buckley retweeted this statement on Twitter, with the comment, “I’ll be there.”

According to The PRP, the singer also posted the following statement to Instagram, which appears to have since been deleted:

“Hey guys, I’m very OK, despite how things were framed online by the band’s statement; I did not have a relapse, didn’t have a breakdown. If I’m recovering from anything, it’s fucking heartbreak, but that’s a process that I’m used to getting through, so… I want to do ‘‘Tid The Season‘—obviously there’s gonna have to be some changes made—I wish no one any harm. I just want to lovingly disconnect, psychically, emotionally, mentally for a little bit and re-establish the boundaries that were broken repeatedly over the past 20 years. So you’ll see me soon, I’ll see ya soon, it’ll be great, we’re great.”

Everyone at The Pit sends their heart out to Every Time I Die, and hope things resolve themselves amiably. Every Time I Die’s “TID The Season,” is still scheduled to go down on December 10th and 11th in Buffalo, with Underoath supporting.


Words by Chris Krovatin