Who Knew: Eminem Is In Korn’s “Got the Life” Video

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At some point in their lives, everyone was nobody. Even the most revered of celebrities and scholars were at one time or another just some kid having fun and trying to make a name for themselves. Case in point, it’s recently been highlighted that rapper Eminem’s music video debut was in fact in Korn‘s “Got the Life” video.

As reported by Loudwire, Eminem can be seen in several scenes of Korn’s “Got the Life,” slapping people five. According to an interview, Marshall Mathers even approached Korn with a demo — which, unfortunately, guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer was a little intoxicated to take seriously.

“There were some extras on the set of our video ‘Got the Life.’ Some kid came up to me and gave me his demo,” Munky recalled. “I was really drunk and I was like [out of it]. He’s like, ‘Hey, check it out, I’m a rapper.’ I’m like, ‘I’m just a guitar player.’ It turned out that kid that was on our video was Eminem. He was an extra in that video. I vaguely remember that happening.”

“Thanks a lot, man,” added Brian “Head” Welch. “Would could’ve been billionaires. We could’ve signed him before Dre.”

Eminem isn’t alone, either — Orgy’s Jay Gordon and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst and Wes Borland, and Sam Rivers all appear in the video as well.

Check out a video highlighting Eminem’s appearance in “Got the Life” below:

Earlier this year, Korn dropped a new single titled “Start the Healing,” which could easily be seen as a response or reference to Fieldy’s time off. But Munky made it clear that while the track and its message could definitely apply to Fieldy, it has a broader appeal across the board.

“I think that the title of the song is so appropriate for the time we’re all in,” said Munky. “Because everybody just needs a little healing right now, whether it’s mental health or physical health. And hey, we’re not getting any younger.”

Listen to “Start the Healing” below:

Korn’s new album Reqiuem drops February 4th, 2022, and is available for preorder. Check out the cover art and tracklisting below:

1. Forgotten
2. Let the Dark Do the Rest
3. Start The Healing
4. Lost in the Grandeur
5. Disconnect
6. Hopeless and Beaten
7. Penance to Sorrow
8. My Confession
9. Worst Is On Its Way


Words by Chris Krovatin