Black Metal Legends Celtic Frost Might Reunite for Memorial Shows, According to Frontman

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Other than Black Sabbath and the Big Four of Thrash, Celtic Frost might be the most influential extreme metal band of all time. Led by the inimitable Tom G. Warrior and born from the ashes of the murky proto-black metal act Hellhammer, the Swiss band not only changed the face of heavy music, they also introduced it to the avant garde with 1987’s Into the Pandemonium. But after the band broke up follow the release of 2006’s incredible comeback album Monotheist and the death of founding bassist Martin Eric Ain in 2017, one was safe to assume that the band was gone for good — but a new statement by Warrior suggests otherwise.

In a new interview with Heavy Culture, Warrior (birth name Thomas Gabriel Fischer) said that he’s considering getting the band back together to pay tribute to Ain. He’s even in talks with founding drummer Reed St. Mark about putting together these tribute gigs.

“I have talked to the original drummer of Celtic Frost, Reed St. Mark, who lives in America,” said Warrior. “He’s still one of my best friends. And we’ve talked about maybe doing one or two Celtic Frost tribute shows in memory [of] Martin Ain. We haven’t really finalized these plans, but maybe we’ll do that one day, that we’ll play with just ex-Celtic Frost members who were in Celtic Frost at the time and maybe play a full Celtic Frost set that includes all the eras of Celtic Frost and maybe play one or two festivals and also record it as a memorial to Martin Eric Ain.”

While we understand that a lot goes into a reunion like this, everyone at The Pit would like to take a moment to say to Tom, GO, MAN, GO! We love Celtic Frost like you wouldn’t believe, and getting to see them live, even without Ain, would be a dream come true.

You can watch the full interview below:


Words by Chris Krovatin