‘Weird’ Al Yankovic Clarifies That Kid Rock’s New Song Isn’t One of His Parodies – “That’s Actually Kid Rock”

Al Yankovic by Kyle Cassidy, via Wikipedia.
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This weekend, rap-rock Trump-fetishist Kid Rock released a new song and video titled “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” where he and Canadian hard rockers Monster Truck take aim at “snowflakes,” “participation trophies,” and other outdated concepts only relevant to Facebook dads yelling into their phones in the front seats of their trucks.

One resounding sentiment in response to the video was that it felt like a parody, as though ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic made a video to satirize the Kid Rock fanbase. But now, Yankovic himself has come forward insisting that he had no part in the track and video.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, Kid Rock mostly takes “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” to shout conservative buzzwords and catchphrases from three years ago.

The vocalist rails against “snowflakes,” “fake news,” and “offended millennials,” and claims that the next generation of Americans will turn this country into a “nation of pussies.”

In the meantime, he also uses the word ‘fuck’ in place of any decent rhymes and basically makes himself sound salty and pouty.

This led to countless people comparing the song to Yankovic’s parody tracks like ‘Eat It” and “Amish Paradise:”

In response, Yankovic clarified that not even he could have made as big a joke out of Kid Rock as Kid Rock made of himself, tweeting, “To everybody that’s congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify — that’s not me. That’s actually Kid Rock.”

So there you have it: the king of musical funnymen had nothing to do with this clown parade. Kid Rock is in fact that much of a parody of himself.

If you want a preview of every middle-American’s upcoming conversation with their alt-right grampa over Thanksgiving dinner, you can watch “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” below. ***Words by Chris Krovatin