Watch Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin’s Extreme Metal Cover of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”

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It looks like Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and record producer Greg Kurstin are once more picking up their Hanukkah Sessions series. The band went whole hog last year covering songs by Jewish artists, including Beastie Boys, Peaches, and The Knack. Now, Grohl and Kurstin have whipped up a truly bizarre extreme metal cover of Lisa Loeb’s ’90s alternative classic “Stay.”

As you’ll see in the video below, the duo don’t waste a moment taking ththemselvesis cover too seriously. The track opens with Grohl in a floral dress similar to the one Lisa Loeb wears in the “Stay” video, singing in a girly falsetto. Then, of course, things take a terrifying turn as the track transforms from gender-bending cover to black metal onslaught. Grohl shrieks and rasps like he’s trying to qualify for a spot in the Norwegian Black Circle, all while surrounded in darkness and harsh, stark strobe lighting. It’s pretty hilarious, if not exactly the most traditional of covers.

Check out Grohl’s “Stay” cover below:

For those of you who aren’t old as balls, here’s the original “Stay” video below:

Of course, Dave Grohl doesn’t have to do anything to up his metal cred at this point. Earlier this year, the singer lent the throne he used when he broke his leg to a metal bassist who got shot while stopping a gunman as a local venue.

Shortly after the shooting incident, in which Greyhawk bassist Darin Wall was shot in the leg while wrestling a shooter outside of a venue where he’d just played, Wall did a radio interview in which he joked about using the throne Dave Grohl used when he fell off the stage and broke his leg in Sweden back in 2015. Dave’s camp got word of the interview, and Wall received a pretty unexpected phone call.

“[Grohl] called me from the MTV VMA awards and he said, ‘I’ll ship that throne up to you at my expense,’” Wall said to KING 5 News in Seattle.

“There’s three people who’ve used this,” Wall went on to say, “Dave Grohl, Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses, and me.”

Check out a news report below:

So there you have it: Darin Wall’s the fucking man for stopping senseless violence at a metal show, and Dave Grohl’s the fucking man for sending his throne to him. Heavy music prevails once more.


Words by Chris Krovatin