Video: Little Old Man Loses His Mind Over “Master of Puppets” Cover

Kreepin Deth, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s hard to imagine a world where we’ve never heard Metallica. The thrash titans are so engrained in our minds, their songs so familiar to us, that the idea of never having heard them is just kind of mind-boggling. But a generation of people grew up thinking of the band as the height of noise, and so there are undoubtedly still people who are even now just discovering Metallica’s music. Case in point, a video is making the rounds of a band busking in a subway station playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” and one little old man obviously thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever fucking heard.

As reported by Loudwire, the footage comes from the Facebook page Sven’s World Metal TV, which mostly features bands performing live. But this time, the page has captured something beautiful in this video of an old man losing his mind to this band performing Metallica’s timeless classic in a subway station. We suppose there’s a chance he’s a massive Metallica fan and he’s just stoked to hear one of his favorite songs played live, but by the looks of his dance moves, we’re betting that this is his first taste of the track, and he’s just going apeshit as only an instant fan could

Watch this dude shake his tailfeather below:

Though dancing to Metallica is cool, putting on one pair of latex gloves after another to them is a special kind of ridiculous.

Why, you might ask, would someone want to don pair after pair of latex gloves until he is physically unable to accurately play Metallica’s biggest single? What would be the purpose of such high-octane tomfoolery? But to ask such things would be to ask the rivers why they run or the stars why they twinkle. What’s important is that this dude gets up to 20 pairs of latex gloves on his hands before he finally can’t play the song. That might not sound like that much, but imagine wearing two pairs of latex gloves. Now three. The concept of 20 is a horrible one, a living nightmare, and yet here is sweetest JMAP, knowing what it is to stumble around the song that made Metallica a mainstream phenomenon in enough gloves to kill a small rhinoceros. Those 20 pairs of gloves are JMAP’s cross, and he is carrying them up the hill of the Internet so that he might produce content for our sins.

Watch this guy wear a lot of fucking gloves below:


Words by Chris Krovatin