Video: Interviewer Doesn’t Know She’s Talking to Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Goes Nuts When She Finds Out

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Most of us would like to think that if we saw our favorite rock star in public, we’d give them a chill nod of gratitude that would make them respect us. But most of us act absolutely insane around the entertainers we admire — and that’s if we recognize them. In their civilian clothes, most rock stars look like, well, people, and might not even stand out from a crowd depending on where they are. Case in point, a video has emerged of a Twitch streamer talking to a dude at a premiere party — and losing her mind when she finds out he’s Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park.

As reported by Loudwire, Twitch streamer Ovilee May kicks off her unknowing interview with Shinoda for the premiere of Arcane: League of Legends by doing an impromptu dance and then telling him that he’s “got the easy part.” Shinoda, for his part, is hilariously casual, and even calls himself a “fish out of water.” The fact that he’s wearing a suit definitely makes him look less like how one imagines him.

After Mike fields a couple of May’s question, she asks him, “You came up here and you didn’t tell me your name, so I don’t know your name.”

“My name is Mike Shinoda, I play in a band called Linkin Park,” says Shinoda. When May’s mouth drops open and she looks at the camera in mortification, he breaks into a huge grin, and says, “She didn’t know that. This is a great reaction.” That’s when May loses it, falling to the ground and doing the We’re not worthy! bow to Mike before asking him, “What are you doing here, man? You’re amazing, why are you here talking to me?” It’s pretty great.

Check out the video below:

So there you have it — always make sure to confirm your interviews beforehand, or you might make that face on camera.


Words by Chris Krovatin