Trailer: ‘Death to Metal’ Is About a Mutant Priest Trying to Wipe Out All Heavy Metal Bands

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As a rule, metal is rarely portrayed well in the movies. At best, comedies give us relatable metalheads whose everyday love of the genre and culture reflects our own; more often than not, though, metal is depicted as something inherently harmful and ignorant, to be grown out of by those who make it as they move on to indie rock, creme-colored sweaters, and other societally-approved pastimes. But the red band trailer for a new horror movie titled Death to Metal has just been released, in which metal fans are portrayed as the victims — and Bible-thumping religion the monster.

As you’ll see in the footage below, Death to Metal centers around Father Milton Kilborn, a priest who decides that the greatest threat to mankind is, wait for it, heavy metal music. In fact, Father Kilborn is such a holy terror that he is suspended by his own church for overdoing it during his sermons. The result is that he has a meltdown, attacks a janitor, and flees the scene — only to crash into a hastily-discarded barrel of toxic waste. Contact with this foul stuff turns him into a psychotic mutant with only one goal in mind: wipe heavy metal off the face of the earth. What ensues is a lot of throat-slitting, eye-gouging, and other hardcore violence that’ll make fans of metal laugh, cry, and puke, and provides that rare metal-themed slasher flick where music fans do nothing but enjoy their lives while the “good guys” turn out to be the baddies.

Check out the red band trailer for Death to Metal below:

Death to Metal will drop this December on all streaming services via Wild Eye Productions.

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Words by Chris Krovatin