Scream for Charity This Christmas With Our ‘Jingle Hells’ Social Media Challenge

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Do you ever wish there were more ghoulish riffs and pig squeals in Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You?” Are you more of a Krampus than a Kris Kringle? Well, this year, The Pit is launching a new charity initiative called ‘Jingle Hells,’ where we’re asking metal musicians and fans to post a quick video online screaming, growling, shouting or shrieking along to one of the classic Christmas songs listed below.

You can win some of these limited, autographed or one of a kind prizes from Volbeat, Slipknot, Trivium, Type O Negative & more:

And the best part: for every video posted, we’ll be donating money to Magic Wheelchair, an amazing non-profit dedicated to building specialized wheelchairs for kids with disabilities, so that they can ride in their own epic chariots. Check out this video of Metallica superfan Emily getting an awesome Master of Puppets wheelchair:

If you love what Magic Wheelchair do but don’t want to participate, you can just donate via their online portal.


  1. Pick from 1 of the holiday songs in the playlist below
  2. Post a short video on social media screaming or shouting along to one of the songs on social media (watch the video below for inspiration*)
  3. In your post use hashtag #jinglehellschallenge and tag @wearethepit
  4. Bonus points: challenge one of your other friends to take part (“@bilesucker420, let’s see if you can handle it”).
  5. Submit your video entry HERE via the form.

*Massive thanks to Joe from Fit For An Autopsy, Marcel & his family @ Heavy Metal Baby, & Johnny & Andrew, Will Putney, Monte Conner, Austin Stephens, Mark Abramson & Mark Whelan for all of their amazing support for this campaign and charity.

SONGS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR YOUR VIDEO ENTRY (just pick 1 and scream along to it while it plays in the background):


  • 1 grand prize package that includes 
    • Slipknot Qanba Obsidian PS3/4 and PC Controller – 1 of a kind
    • Volbeat’s new album and a used drumhead, signed by full band
    • Rare Vinyl Bundle from our friends at Run Out Groove:
      • Type O Negative, Slow Deep and Hard 
      • Type O Negative, October Rust 
      • Killswitch Engage, As Daylight Dies 
      • Killswitch Engage, The End of Heartache
      • Fear Factory, Demanufacture
  • 1 runner-up will receive 
    • Trivium Qanba Obsidian PS3/4 and PC Controller – 1 of a kind
    • Signed Type O Negative Poster – full band, including Peter Steele


From everyone at The Pit, happy holidays, and die for metal!


Words by Chris Krovatin