Rob Zombie Reveals New Logo for ‘The Munsters’

Rob Zombie by Travis Shinn

Shock rocker Rob Zombie‘s upcoming reboot of classic horror-comedy series The Munsters was only officially announced in June, but already it’s picked up a lot of hype. From costume designs to completed shots of the family’s haunted home to a massive make-up reveal this Halloween, Zombie has made sure to feed his fanbase all the bits and pieces needed to keep them salivating over his new project. Now, Zombie has posted a new image on his Instagram — and this one shows the new logo for his reimagined version of The Munsters.

Rob posted the following picture of his director’s chair on his Instagram, which features his new Munsters logo. As you can see, the logo is very similar to the original, but with a few editions — more cobwebs, more slime, a general sense of modernity. We’re sure plenty of metal and horror alike are glad to see that it’s not some sort of overly gritty ransom note which suggests that the Munsters are now a family of traveling murderers trying to take on the law.

Take a look:

Not bad! So far, Rob has done nothing to suggest that this will be anything other than an old-school spookathon. The pictures of Herman, Lily, and Grandpa in full make-up certainly help:

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer until they get to see Zombie’s new Munsters in action. Due to the number of people asking to see a trailer for the film, Rob’s wife and muse Sheri Moon Zombie, who is believed to play Lily in the film, posted the following update: “Seeing folks ask when a trailer is coming out…The film is in pre-production, currently being location scouted so nothing to show for a while yet.”


Words by Chris Krovatin