Nita Strauss to Play Olympian Boxer Mikaela Mayer to the Ring for Historic Title Fight

Nita Strauss by Frank Schwichtenberg. Via Wikipedia.
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We’re here for Nita Strauss. The virtuosic guitarist has a lot to her name, including her own fitness challenge, a place in Alice Cooper’s band, and a lineage going back to a brilliant classical composer. All that, and she can play through getting cracked in the head with a cane onstage. Now, Nita will add another awesome event to her legacy, as she’s playing Olympian boxer Mikaela Mayer — also her former bandmate! — to the ring for an historic title fight.

As reported by Blabbermouth, Strauss will play Olympic medalist and WBO super featherweight world boxing champion Mikael Mayer to the ring for the title unification fight on ESPN Top Rank, which will be the first-ever female world title main event in the history of the series. Mikaela is up against current IBF champion Maiva Hamadouche, who she’ll fight in Las Vegas tonight.

Oddly enough, Mikaela is friends with Nita from when they were bandmates. The two once played in a short-lived, all-girl band name Lia-Fail, with Mayer on bass and Strauss on guitar. The members were only teenagers at the time, and while playing alongside acts like Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance was Nita’s cup of tea, Mayer was exhausted by the band’s 15-date tour in 2005, and apparently never played bass again.

“I was just done,” Mayer told ESPN. “Like if I could go back and just tell my 14-year-old self just don’t stop playing. Don’t be in a band, but don’t stop playing.”

Strauss, meanwhile, is stoked to reunite with her former bandmate and watch her compete.”It’s going to be a great, great feeling to look across a stage at her again,” she told ESPN. “I know that Mikaela-walking-on-stage face, and I can’t wait to see it up close in person again.”

Catch the fight tonight and watch Strauss play Doof Warrior to a total badass.