Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Calls Opening for Disturbed “Gay-Ass S**t”

Brent Hinds by Alfred Nitsch, David Draiman by Stefan Brending, via Wikipedia.
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At this point in their career, Mastodon can tour with pretty much whoever the fuck they want. The Atlanta stoner metal crew have made such a name for themselves that they can hand-pick their openers wherever they go. But once upon a time, Mastodon were an up-and-coming act like so many others, and were forced to open for bands they didn’t particularly love. Now, guitarist Brent Hinds has revealed which tours he hated having to be a part of — and he doesn’t pull any punches.

As reported by Loudwire, Hinds was recently speaking to Jamey Jasta for the Hatebreed frontman’s podcast and webseries, and was asked if he had any tours left on his bucket list — bands he’d love to play with before calling it.

“No. I did a lot of tours I didn’t want to do though,” said Hinds, “like Disturbed and all that Mayhem stupid bullshit. Gay-ass shit. You gotta fuckin’ open up for Disturbed. You gotta play to people that like Disturbed.

“It was the Mayhem Fest, you know, just a fuckin’ bunch of drunk Americans,” said Hinds when asked if the hard rock megaband’s fans were receptive to Mastodon’s unique flavor of metal. “They’re receptive to anything, I imagine. There’s tons of tours I want to do, but there’s most tours… our first tour for Relapse was with Dying Fetus and some other fucking band. It was horrible. I didn’t want to do that tour.”

While this is a bummer — a lot of us, this writer included, discovered Mastodon on that Dying Fetus tour — one understands why a dude like Brent wouldn’t want to play with more straightforward metal bands. That said, we hope he cuts the derogatory ‘gay’ out of his vocabulary, as tossing that out in casual conversation is some cringe-worthy clown-shoes shit.

Check out the full episode below:


Words by Chris Krovatin