Mastodon’s Brann Dailor Once Got In A Schoolyard Fight Defending Lars Ulrich

Brann Dailor by Adam Kliczek, Lars Ulrich by Creepin Deth. Via Wikipedia.
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There are some artists who can do no wrong by us. No matter how many times someone points out their flaws, no matter how many pieces of footage of them acting like rockstar assholes emerge, we still find ways to defend those musicians who made us feel less alone. Now, Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor has revealed that he once got in a schoolyard fight as a kid while defending the honor of his idol — Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich.

As reported by Loudwire, Dailor was speaking to Dean Delray on his ‘Let There Be Talk’ podcast when Ulrich, his musical idol, came up. Dailor not only sang Ulrich’s praises, he considered why the Metallica drummer gets so much shit fired his way, and revealed that he once had to defend Lars’ honor as a schoolboy.

“”Lars was one of my guys, for sure, back then, and still now,” said Dailor. “I love Lars and I love his playing…I don’t know why [he gets a bad rap]…It really bothers me. If someone’s talking shit about — and I stuck up for him in middle school and I’ll stick up for him now.” Then he revealed: “I almost got in a fight in middle school because we went to go see Metallica, and Queensryche was opening up. And their drummer was Scott Rockenfield, on the Justice tour.”

Apparently, the day after the show, Dailor overheard a kid at school ripping on Ulrich. His response? Swift physical retribution — or however much of that one can exert when they’re in middle school.

“I was like, ‘Fuck you!'” said Dailor. “We got into it, tussled a little bit. I told Lars about it, he was proud of me.”

So there you have it, folks — inspire a kid to pick up an instrument? Cool. Inspire a kid to throw blows when he hears another kid at school talking shit about you? The height of success.

Check out the full interview below:


Words by Chris Krovatin