Mastodon Apologize For Brent Hinds’ Homophobic Comment, Have “No Ill Will” Towards Disturbed

Kevin D. Soney, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Yesterday, we reported on an interview in which Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds vented about how much he disliked opening for Disturbed while touring with Mayhem Fest, describing the experience as “gay-ass shit.” Plenty of metalheads, this writer included, responded that whether or not Hinds liked opening for Disturbed, using ‘gay’ as a derogatory comment is some backwards-ass bullshit. Now, the band have responded with an apology both to their LGBTQ+ fans and to Disturbed.

As reported by MetalSucks, the band issued a response when Morgan Ywain Evans, who runs the website Metal Riot and is a hardcore advocate for queer voices in metal, called Hinds out for using ‘gay’ derogatorily even while Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor dressed up as gay metal star Rob Halford for Halloween. Mastodon responded with the following comment on Instagram:

“This really bums me out. I’m very sorry I hurt your feelings or anyone else’s, that is never my intention. We want our LGBTQ fans to feel safe listening to our music and coming to see us live. We also have no ill will towards Disturbed, they were always super cool to us on the Mayhem tour. I think that interviewer might have caught Brent on a bad day [That interviewer, for the record, was Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta — not exactly some ‘gotcha journalist’ unknown to Hinds. – Ed]. Sorry for upsetting you or anyone else, we appreciate you and all of our fans very much.”

Via Metal Riot

Evans went on to say that he and Dailor spoke about the incident, with the drummer saying, “I have no control over Brent.” Evans was finally forgiving, writing, “It at least shows the other dudes in band don’t want to think they are green lighting their non-LGBTQ fans to normalize ‘GAY’ as an insult. That makes a teachable moment. I certainly feel more seen as a result.”

At the end of the day, it seems like Mastodon understand that this wasn’t a good look, and want to make amends. In the meantime, The Pit urges all metalheads to stop using ‘gay’ as an insult, if only because it makes you look like the biggest fucking dickfor around.


Words by Chris Krovatin