Marilyn Manson Joins Kanye West and Justin Bieber In Onstage Prayer Circle

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In February of this year, shock rocker Marilyn Manson was formally accused of abuse by his former girlfriend, actor Evan Rachael Wood. In the aftermath of this, Manson was also dropped by his label and accused of sexual assault by a former personal assistant, Since then, Manson has been relatively absent from public life, but has made an appearance or two in the company of rapper and (as of late) hardcore Christian Kanye West. Now, photos have emerged of Manson taking part in Kanye’s Halloween prayer service — and in one picture joins the rapper and pop star Justin Bieber in a prayer circle.

As reported by The PRP, Manson attended Kanye’s Sunday Service series yesterday, wearing a white robe and face mask which revealed on his eyes to the public. During the service, Manson stood alongside Bieber as the pop star thanked God for all his creations, and then huddled up with West and Biebs in a prayer circle.

Manson is currently dealing with a rape lawsuit via one Jane Doe, which was dismissed due to statute of limitations but can be appealed. As reported earlier this year by The Pit, an anonymous claimant being called ‘Jane Doe’ says Marilyn Manson raped her while they were in a relationship in 2011. But on Tuesday, September 14th, Judge Gregory Keosian dismissed the complaint due to the statute of limitations. According to Judge Keosian, that the complainant’s claims of having repressed memories from the alleged event are not sufficient to overcome the statute of limitations.

This is one of four lawsuits Manson currently faces. The other three come from Game of Thrones star Esme Bianco, who is accusing Manson of rape, sexual battery, and human trafficking; model/actor Ashley Morgan Smithline, who claims that Manson sexually assaulted her; and the aforementioned suit from his personal assistant.


Words by Chris Krovatin