Late Turbonegro Hank Von Hell Did Not Commit Suicide, According to Manager

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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This weekend, the rock and metal world were shocked to learn that Hank Von Helvete, AKA Hank Von Hell, former singer of Norwegian sleaze rockers Turbonegro, had died at 49 years old. For many, Hank was Turbonegro, his exuberant onstage attitude and snotty vocals making the band what it was. Now, amidst a flurry of rumors, Hank’s manager has come out publicly denying that the singer took his own life.

Speaking to Norway’s Se Oh Hør, Hank’s manager Boye Nythun felt the need to make a public statement about Hank’s cause of death: “In recent days, we have seen and observed a lot of rumors about Hans-Erik’s death. I can deny that Hans-Erik took his own life. Hans-Erik had optimistic plans for the future and much to look forward to.

“It was no secret that Hans-Erik has lived a hard life at times. He has also been open about this before. The last few months have been extra hard for him, and unfortunately the sum of a hard-lived life became too much for him. Hans-Erik’s body could no longer stand it. He was found in Slottsparken. His body had simply said ‘stop.’ It is tragic, and now we ask for peace.

“We will not say anything more about the case, but [we have decided to go public] with this [information], so that we avoid more speculation and rumors.”

On Saturday, Hank’s death was confirmed via a post on his social media accounts reading, “We are very sad to announce that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known to the world as Hank von Hell, sadly passed away on November 19th, 2021. We kindly ask for your respect to the family and close friends in this moment of tragedy.”

Everyone at The Pit sends their heart out to Von Hell’s family, friends, fans and collaborators during this difficult time.


Words by Chris Krovatin