Kid Rock Sounds Like an Angry Facebook Dad from 2018 on New Track “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”

Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s no secret that Kid Rock harbors some pretty conservative political views. The rap-rocker was an adamant supporter of Donald Trump, and his Nashville bar lost its beer permit over its refusal to comply with COVID-19 protocols. Now, Kid Rock has released a new track with Canadian hard rockers Monster Truck, titled “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” (named after the Monster Truck song that the track’s beat samples), and the song is a declaration that not only is Kid Rock conservative, but he’s also old and out of touch.

As you’ll hear in the track below, Kid Rock mostly takes “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” to shout conservative buzzwords and catchphrases from three years ago. The vocalist rails against “snowflakes,” “fake news,” and “offended millennials,” and claims that the next generation of Americans will turn this country into a “nation of pussies.” In the meantime, he also uses the word ‘fuck’ in place of any decent rhymes and basically makes himself sound salty and pouty.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this total shitshow is the involvement of Monster Truck. The Canadian band make awesome no-frills hockey rock that until now has been almost entirely focused on weed, loving music, and the occasional brawl on the ice; their fight anthem “The Enforcer” clocked in at #29 on our list of the greatest metal drinking songs of all time. Yet here they are looking like total jackasses in fur coats and sparkly blazers in Kid Rock’s music video, lending the central riff and title of a solid track off of 2016’s bitchin’ Sittin’ Heavy to the musical equivalent of a POV Instagram rant from the front seat of a truck. It’s a huge bummer, but hey, I guess when a major artist comes knocking, it’s tough to turn them down.

Check out Kid Rock shouting at cloud below:


Words by Chris Krovatin