Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Is Still Cooperating With Capitol Riot Investigation

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On January 6th, rioters spurred by former president Donald Trump’s fictional claims of election fraud stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, killing a cop in the process. Among those involved in the riot was Jon Schaffer, lead guitarist and songwriter for American power metal band Iced Earth. Since then, Schaffer has struck a deal with the feds, pleading guilty to “obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress” and “trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon,” and walking free as of this April. Now, a new report claims that Schaffer is continuing to cooperate with the federal investigation of the Capitol riots.

According to Indiana news site The Republic, Schaffer, 53, is still on pre-trial release, under the supervision of the District of Columbia Pre-Trial Services Department.

“He has remained compliant with pre-trial release conditions,” says a status update about Scaffer’s current behavior “He has remained cooperative with law enforcement since his release. Multiple defendants charged in the case in which the defendant is cooperating have been presented before the court; several are in the process of exploring case resolutions and a trial date has yet to be set.”

As noted by MetalSucks, Schaffer has to obey the following rules right now as part of his deal:

  • He has to submit to court supervision in the Northem Dlstrict of Indiana.
  • He has to surrender his passport and any other international travel documents.
  • He must stay outside of Washington, D.C. except for court hearings and meetings with attorneys.
  • He will be permitted to travel within the continental United States with notice to pretrial services.
  • He cannot possess any firearms or explosive devices, including legally owned firearms. Any firearms must be removed from his home.

The Republic goes on to note that in the photos published of Schaffer at the Capitol Building, Schaffer is wearing a tactical vest over his hoodie and a cap that reas “Oath Keepers Lifetime Member.”  The Oath Keepers as a far-right militia group that, according to the FBI’s classification, “as a group urged President Trump to declare Martial Law in order to prevent the Congress from certifying the Electoral College Results.”

For those who doubt Schaffer’s involvement or intentions during the riot, here is video footage of him announcing them:


Words by Chris Krovatin

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